Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tweets from the GOP Debate

[I attended tonight's Republican debate on the campus of Wofford College.  While watching, I experimented with tweeting my reactions as they happened. I'll be writing something more substantive on the debate, but here, for it's worth, are my contemporaneous reactions.]

Cain doesn't answer Iran question of what he'd do that Obama isn't.

Newt just advocated assassinating scientists.

Question for Santorum. What rebel forces?

Huntsman gave the best answer so far.

Cain in over his head on Pakistan.

Perry demagogues first on foreign aid.

Bachmann first to play Israel card. Gingrich first to play Christian card.

Newt challenging moderator works its usual magic with the crowd.

Huntsman is behind a pillar from where I sit. Is he still here?

Two civilized candidates on stage both got my applause for opposing torture.

Newt went from that applause line to laugh WAY too quickly.

Was "it's murder!" during Romney's response audible on TV?

First segment, good substance. Second, not so much.

Newt advocates CIA operation in Syria. It worked really well in Iran in 1953.

Uh oh. Romney used a big word. [Hegemon]

Graham's question was about helping him get re-elected in SC.

At a liberal arts college, Romney calls for eliminating national endowment for arts and humanities. Nice.

Bachmann: US should race China to the bottom.

Cain: I have no idea. I'll ask people who do.

Romney's answer [on Pakistan] was mature and smart.

Overall, more substantive than most of these [debates] have been. Maybe the topic and the setting helped.


  1. Awesome analysis, Mark. Yeah, among many other moments, I almost puked when Romney made that crack about eliminating public radio and the national endowment, etc. I streamed it from home. I couldn't find you in the audience, though I did see Bernie once and Dean Wood later on.

  2. I couldn't hear "it's murder" from home, but my iPad was having trouble streaming the thing to begin with, anyway. I'm sure, therefore, that I missed some other opportune nuggets of critical thinking and wisdom, but it sounds as if you've summarized ithem (or the lack thereof) very nicely.