Saturday, February 6, 2010

The TelePrompTer, Again

Matthew Continetti at the Weekly Standard briefly reviews Sarah Palin's speech to the Tea Party convention.

Not having seen the speech, I have no comment on it. What interests me is this statement by Continetti:

"Ignore the critics who will say Palin spent too much time looking at her notes; her off-the-cuff approach and decision not to use a TelePrompTer was clearly calculated to highlight President Obama's reliance on scripted events and canned speeches."

This unthinking, casual shot at President Obama shows how impervious his inveterate critics are to evidence. After last Friday's nearly 90 minute Q & A with the House Republicans, how is it possible for anyone to keep up this fiction that Obama needs to rely on a TelePrompTer and "scripted events and canned speeches"? He proved himself in that exchange to be perhaps the best president in an off-the-cuff give-and-take since JFK. But to his critics, it might as well have never happened.

Evidently this TelePrompTer meme is so deeply established in some circles that no amount of evidence can shake it. And that trait itself is indicative of the nature of the opposition to the president these days.

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